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Why are we becoming infertile?

Ann McCarthy | 17 June, 2021

            Why are we becoming infertile?

Sperm count has declined ~50% in that past 40 years!

And testosterone is falling.

In the 1970s sperm count was 99m/mL and in 2011 it was 47m/mL.

This decline was just seen in the Western world, no significant decline in South America, Asia or Africa, but fewer studies have been conducted there.

So why, why, why?

I don’t think there is a consensus, but the most popular theory is PLASTIC!☠️

Chemicals used to make plastic softer (phthalates) or harder (Bisphenol A, BPA) act like estrogen. Research has shown that a man with high levels of these chemicals will make less testosterone and a women with high levels will alter her son’s reproductive system (the fetus will have smaller testes and penis).

The trouble is we can’t avoid BPA and phthalates. It seems they are everywhere - sales receipts, food containers, medical devices, food packaging, pill coatings, nail polish, etc. For teething and mouthing
babies, I try to look for toys that say BPA and phthalate free. It feels impossible to avoid, but just to be aware is the first step.

This topic can be controversial as there is no clear consensus but I think talking about it and expanding research in this area is critical.

But men, ditch those products full of phthalates in the meantime! Shampoo, soap, saving cream, deodorant, etc.

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