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Dirty toxic water?

Ann McCarthy | 17 June, 2021

            Dirty toxic water?

Are we doing more harm than good?

I see people carrying around huge jugs of water and that's great but what if the water they are chugging down is full of chemicals? Is that more harmful than beneficial?

Adequate intake of water is about 2.7L for women and 3.7L for men (this is all water including food and other beverages).

Drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day will get you about 2L. If I was going to guzzle more water I wanted to make sure it was clean water.

I began by looking at my tap water. Philly had
 six contaminants that exceeded the Environmental Working Group (EWG) health guidelines. The two highest were:

🧪 Bromodichloromethane 11.2 ppb (National Average 5.77)
🧪 Chloroform 31.3 ppb (National Average 15)

All six were above EWG’s guidelines and linked to cancer, problems during pregnancy and thyroid dysfunction.

Curious about your own tap water? 

Check out and type in your Zip code.

My favorite discovery was that Boulder, CO has higher levels of testosterone in it?!

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