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What’s the deal with artificial sweeteners?

Ann McCarthy | 16 June, 2021

            What’s the deal with artificial sweeteners?

Which one are we supposed to use? 

  • Aspartame? (NutraSweet or Equal)
  • Sucralose? (Splenda)
  • Saccharin? (Sweet ’N Low)
  • Stevia?

The best artificial sweetener is none at all.

Here are some facts:

  • Diet soda raises the risk of diabetes more than full sugar sodas
  • People drink diet soda twice as much as people who drink full sugar sodas
  • Artificial sweetener is addictive
  • Artificial sweetener can trick the body into producing more insulin (the fat storage hormone) because it is so sweet 
  • Artificial sweeteners cause metabolism to slow down and trigger you to consume more calories

Here’s the big picture when it comes to sugar. The sugar you add to your own diet is not a big deal (like in your tea or to your plain oatmeal). That is not the problem.

The sugar that we consume from products made by corporations is the big problem. Like soda, chicken nuggets, low-fat yogurt, bbq sauce, ketchup, granola, spaghetti sauce, ice cream, flavored coffee, etc… they’re all loaded with sugar.

So when it comes to using sugar in everyday life I use unrefined sugars like honey and maple syrup. I will use applesauce, bananas and dates for sweetening baked goods.

And I even use refined sugars like organic cane sugar, coconut sugar or monk fruit. They are fine in moderation.

I think the point is to eliminate sugar from processed foods. Avoid processed foods! Try to make your food at home and use unrefined sugars as much as possible.