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If you find yourself needing antibiotics...

Ann McCarthy | 15 June, 2021

            If you find yourself needing antibiotics...

ūü©ļ¬†Conventional Medicine¬†

Thank you Alexander Fleming, who was perhaps a bit careless or messy, for accidentally discovering penicillin. He went on vacation and when he came back to work he saw a mold growing on a culture plate that prevented the growth of Staphylococcus. Genius! 

I'm grateful for all the messy and careless people out there saving all of us.

ūüĆŅ¬†Integrative + Functional Medicine

- Take a good probiotic during the course of antibiotic and for a week or two after. Try to take the probiotic a few hours after the antibiotic.

- Drink bone broth and add L-glutamine powder to smoothies to help protect the intestinal lining. 

- Avoid antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary.

ūüíꬆHippie Medicine

Please try to be grateful for the medicine we have to treat our children and ourselves when it's necessary. Mindset is so important, please do not view it as poison or something toxic for your child - it is an incredible compound that will help restore health. Once the acute problem is resolved it's time to work to prevent further episodes and restore that microbiome!